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Quote originally posted by bleedpark:
This hack is very impressive looking. It gives off the feeling of nostalgia mixed with the excitment of todays games. I was a huge fun of the Brown/Prism series and i look forward and am prepared to expect great things from you in the future. Great job again.
Quote originally posted by shihan42:
You just don't see enough hacks of blue/red anymore, let alone good ones. I am really looking forward to see how yours turns out.

At the moment I'm working on implementing RTC:

The screenshot doesn't tell too much, anyway I've already made the main engine (data storing and calculating); still need to fix some calculation error ("NITE 12" should be "NITE 0", and there's something else wrong, you don't see here), and put a "what time is it now?" at the beginning of the game.

Using SGB you'll have different outside palettes for day/night. Not to mention the time-determined events that will be possible with RTC.

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