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Originally Posted by bleedpark View Post
This hack is very impressive looking. It gives off the feeling of nostalgia mixed with the excitment of todays games. I was a huge fun of the Brown/Prism series and i look forward and am prepared to expect great things from you in the future. Great job again.
Originally Posted by shihan42 View Post
You just don't see enough hacks of blue/red anymore, let alone good ones. I am really looking forward to see how yours turns out.

At the moment I'm working on implementing RTC:

The screenshot doesn't tell too much, anyway I've already made the main engine (data storing and calculating); still need to fix some calculation error ("NITE 12" should be "NITE 0", and there's something else wrong, you don't see here), and put a "what time is it now?" at the beginning of the game.

Using SGB you'll have different outside palettes for day/night. Not to mention the time-determined events that will be possible with RTC.

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