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Blastoise Platinum Solo Run Update:

-Made it to the Elite Four
-Defeated my rival

Pre-Elite Four Stats:

BLASTER (Blastoise) lvl. 75
-Water Pulse
-Ice Beam
-Hidden Power

HM slaves and other non-participants:

-Grotle lvl. 19 (Cut, Rock Smash, Rock Climb, Strength)
-Togepi lvl. 1 (not HM slave, but too lazy to put it in my PC)
-Hoothoot lvl. 20 (Defog, Fly)
-Tentacruel lvl. 33 (Waterfall)

The Elite Four:

Aaron: Ice Beam for Yanmega and Vespiquen, Surf for Heracross, Scizor, and Drapion
Bertha: Surf or Water Pulse for all
Flint: Water easily douses the fire
Lucian: Mix of attacks (Surf, HP Dark, Water Pulse)
Cynthia: Mix of all attacks

Final stats:

BLASTER (Blastoise) lvl. 78
-Water Pulse
-Ice Beam
-HP Dark

Game time: 16:30

Done with my Ultimate Blastoise Solo Challenge (Red-->Gold-->Ruby-->Platinum)!

This last leg was fun, albeit a bit long. I suppose it would have been faster using Diamond, but I only have that in cartridge form, which wouldn't have helped too much. Overall, I've enjoyed the challenge. While it hasn't been particularly challenging, I've enjoyed getting to use my favorite Pokemon to play the games, particularly the ones where Blastoise normally has to be traded in.

Perhaps I'll do another one of these solo runs at some point, but I doubt I'll have time soon.

Best of luck to everyone with runs! By the way, to the above poster about the Magmar run, I'm not sure that Magby will be able to evolve in that game until you get the National Dex, which could be a problem. Not sure about that, though.
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