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Hallylicious can i plz use yr userbar


Ok so I started My game
Called Myself Brock
Set the time and everything
Chose Chickorita
Went to mr pokemons place
got the egg
On my way back to new bark bumped into ???
Beat him
went back to New bark
Called rival Ash
Got Pokeballs
Cought Geodude
Called him Ramoan
Made it throuth route 30 and 31 and caught a bellsprout
Traded Bellsprought for Onix called rocky
did sprout tower
and defeated the gym
then got the egg from elms assistant

Ramoan the Geodude
Level 14
Defence Curl
Rock Throw

Rocky the Onix
Level 14
Rock Throw


Just beat Bugsy and I have caught Tucker the Slowpoke Batty the Zubat and Muscle the Herracross