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Umm.. Sorry to interrupt.. I was holding off posting this cause I was trying to think of a solution and also I didn't want to bump my own thread.. Since someone posted 2 days ago I thought it'd be ok..
I'd been having a few problems with the display adapters on my laptop (where the game is stored) and I assumed it was just a little buggy but stable.. Sadly something corrupted a little too much and now it won't boot up without doing a physical memory dump (blue screen).. So I'm unable to access the game files until I think of a way to access the HD..
I'm not even sure what the HD looks like.. I don't have high hopes that it was made to be connected to a desktop HD as slave, but I hope something like that is possible..
I'll post again when I have updates of some kind.. If anyone has any idea how to access those files, just inbox me..
I had started some more mapping before this all happened.. When I figure out what to do I'll post again.. But here's some sort of reward to the fans of this game.. These are sprites I made for a game I made with a friend a long time ago.. I seem to have lost the back sprites but oh well, these sprites might make an appearance in the game as a side quest or something (not sure whether to make them catchable or not) depending on how much filler material I require.. Anyhow I'm just hoping this game can be continued because I love working on it.. Sprites away:

I made names for them all that were in the pokemon style.. Anyways that's not important now, I'm gonna go try some stuff..
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