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A "meh" episode for Brock's last shining moment. I did like the Team Rocket game reference, though XD I remember they did the same thing in the 9th movie about DP.

- How can Ash and Dawn know so little about berries? -_-
- This episode is so boring
- Wow, I forgot Happiny evolved this episode. About time.
- Dawn's mum's voice is still retarded

Music kept: (4)

Route 29
DPPt Contest theme
TR Sneaking theme
Don't know what to do about Pichu~

Originally Posted by AdvancedK47 View Post
[*]Agh... "Raise the humidity?" That's about the ONLY scientific object in Pokemon I don't undertand why it works ;_;
Especially odd since they said the Pokemon had a fever o_O
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