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I think like most people, the ability to not change the nickname, especially Pokémon that are traded in-game, and the fact that they'll disobey you if they get ahead are the two worst aspects I dislike the most about traded Pokémon. I can understand the point of having them disobey, so it's not something I'd want changed in future games, but it does get annoying when they decide to loaf around or even worse...fall asleep. ):

I do like the extra EXP you get from traded Pokémon though; I mean, who doesn't? I usually keep my team's levels balanced, but getting them to level up at a faster pace is nice.

As of late, I prefer to have my Pokémon traded from an egg. This way I'm the OT, it obeys, and I can nickname it to something of my choosing. The only downside is the extra time it takes to gain EXP, but I can live through it.