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Let's Play: Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness

By Elite Overlord LeSabre™

Hello, and welcome to my first Let's Play! For your viewing enjoyment, I have chosen Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness for the Nintedo GameCube. I've always enjoyed the Orre-based game, and I have a slight preference for XD because the greater variety of Shadow Pokemon makes team building easy, for me at least. Videos are planned for boss battles as log a they don't exceed YouTube's 10-minute limit; however there won't be any boss battles in this first installment since I haven't yet met a boss.

Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness is copyright Nintendo/The Pokemon Company/Genius Sonority. I claim no ownership of the game or the Pokemon franchise in general. Sprites are courtesy of Bulbapedia. Well, enough chit-chat, let's get started!

Pokemon HQ Lab

Hello, my name is Victor. I live with my mom and kid sister in Orre's Pokemon HQ Lab. My father... let's just say that because of his love affair with Ponzi schemes, he's no longer living with us. Anyway, we're living here because of my mom's employment with the HQ Lab, under the direction of a scientist named Professor Krane. He's a pretty cool guy, just don't ask him about his mother. Living in a lab's pretty cool, though I still haven't had the time to perform those "experiments" I've been meaning to get around to.

I've just completed a virtual reality training session, when my mom comes asking me to hunt down my kid sister Jovi. And before you start making jokes, no she does not listen to Bon Jovi and we are in fact not living on a prayer and I do not give love a bad name. Krane's also with her, and he tells me that he's left a gift in my room. I head there to pick it up, and it turns out to be some electronic gizmo called a P*DA. Could come in handy, as long as nobody tries to spam my email account. You wouldn't believe how many offers for car and life insurance a preteen kid gets...

Well, since finding my sis isn't one of my top priorities, I instead go outside and talk to Aferd, my Pokemon's punching bag... er... "training partner"... yeah, that's it... Anyway, after my trusty Eevee beat his Sentret to a pulp, I decide maybe it's time to begin hunting for the kid before mom starts nagging me. Searching the place high and low, I spot one of the assistants, Aidan, hiding under a table. Turns out Jovi talked him into playing ANOTHER game of hide-and-seek. That man needs to learn how to say no; maybe then we wouldn't have to take him to the chiropractor every week... Well, anyway, he tips me off that Jovi might be at the house of Dr. Kaminko.

Kaminko's House

Dr. K's this really bizarre inventor who lives in this creepy old house that needs maintenance badly. So, I head there and before I even get to the door, this chubby little man with a lab coat and weird glasses accuses me of being a burglar. Before I even have a chance to explain myself, the man, who is Dr. K's assistant Chobin, challenges me to battle.

Victor vs. Chobin


No matter; Eevee dispatches his Sunkern in short order. A couple Tackles do the trick.

Chobin FINALLY realizes I'm just the kid from the local lab and lets me in. While there, I get Jovi, receive a message from a parts collector named Makin that some doohickey Krane ordered has arrived, and then hightail it back to the lab.

So, I arrive back at the lab, and Krane's waiting. He wants me to try out one of the lab's inventions... this cool looking glove and visor thing called a Snag Machine that supposedly lets me snatch so-called "Shadow Pokemon" from other trainers. Krane goes outside to prepare for some sort of training exercise when I hear screams. Running out to investigate, I see three guys in snazzy armor trying to kidnap the professor. One of the thugs, a dude named Naps, sics a Teddiursa on me.

Victor vs. Naps


The Snag Machine starts going crazy. Krane yells out to me that the reaction is because Teddiursa is one of those Shadow Pokemon, and instructs me to throw a Pokeball at it. Against everything that I've been told about reducing a Pokemon's HP and inflicting paralysis or sleep, I throw the ball straight away, and to my bewilderment the capture is successful.

Well, now the thugs are panicking, They throw the prof into this hover truck and speed off. Well, after mom and the lab staff weigh their options, they decide to proceed with their newest creation, Krane or no Krane, and send me to Gateon Port. I'm not so excited that Jovi has to tag along, but what can you do?

Gateon Port

Ah, the beautiful sea. Well, this is just a quick pit stop. I get a Thunderstone that I can use to get my Eevee to evolve into Jolteon at any time in the future. You know, because Jolteon is boss. I also pick up that part I need, and battle some of the locals, snagging a couple Shadow Pokemon in the process. Oh, and I had a run in with this really ugly goon called Zook (thanks to my sister not watching where's she's going) and a really mysterious old man named Verich and his two equally mysterious bodyguards. Anyway, I return the goods to mom in the lab and receive my next destination: Agate Village, where I can supposedly purify shadow Pokemon. Thankfully, no Jovi in tow this time.

Agate Village

So, arriving in Agate, I take the time to smell the roses and beat up the local trainers. Then I go talk to old man Eagun, who tells me to rendezvous with him in the village's "Relic Forest". So, I head down there to find four trainers to battle, including a fellow by the unfortunate name of "Gorps." Turns out these four will battle as much as you want, so I figure, why not use them to level grind a little. So I do exactly that, evolving Eevee with my Thunderstone right before it hits Level 16 to ensure that it gets Thundershock. Then I raise it one more level, to 17, before preparing to enter the inner sanctum of the shrine.

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