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Hey guys! Long time no see! Anyways, I'm back and healthy again, so let's continue!


  • Left Cerulean and headed South.
  • At Vermillion I boarded the SS Anne.
  • I'm fighting all the trainers in there, swept them with Flamethrower. (lol, it's fun being double the level of your opponent!)
  • I finally beat Kazzo on my first try, why is it that my dig did less than half to his Wartortle when Flamethrower knocked it out?
  • I got Cut and got the %$#@ outta there.
  • Spade evolved into Charizard while I was looking for a Pokemon that can learn Cut
  • I caught a Meowth on Route 6 and named it Timpurr.
  • Taught Timpurr cut!
  • Kicked Lt. Surge's ASS with Flamethrower + Dig.
  • Headed onto Route 7!

Spade /
Lv. 36 (so close to 37! No joke!)
Secret Power
Wing Attack

Slave /
Lv. 6
Sand Attack

Timpurr / Meowth
Lv. 10
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