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Originally Posted by JX Valentine View Post
"Holy crap! I have this idea about Ash going to get a gallon of milk, but Brock normally buys the milk for the group. So, Ash has no idea how the entire thing works, and shenanigans happen. And I've had it in my head for awhile, and it won't go away."
Dang it Jax, now I want to write a story base on that plot bunny! XD;

But yeah Dragonite Ernston, Jax is right about shipping stories. Plot, details, and the characters are the main things to make sure you're doing it right. One of the main problems shipping fics have is that the characters not being themselves when they're in a relationship. I know when I did my first shipping story (for a different fandom) not long ago, I was pulling my hair over if I did the characters right, oi.

As for your Giratina/Cyrus idea, I'm actually interested over how you're handle the paring. What you have so far is vague, but hey, it's a start! Perhaps you can think of a few situational ideas what would spark the two of them to have an interest with one another (like the Cyrus transform to Zekrom idea Jax mentioned and needs to link me to that kink meme story)?

And Impo, sorry for not responding to your idea. I'm not too familiar with Ace Attorney nor Professor Layton, so I can't help you there. D: I'm sure many people will be interested in that crossover, though!
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