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Originally Posted by Rossay View Post
Well, it took GameFortress well over a year to finish Pokemon Twilight and he's a very very experienced GM user. I assume you're going to program it all using GM8P data structures? I didn't intend to sound like a total kill-joy, I'm just saying is, as someone who has used GM for over 5 years, I have seen hundreds of attempts at pokemon projects and only 1 completed version due to the sheer volume of work and complexity; though, as you have an experienced partner hopefully that will help you on your way.

P.S. the tilesets in the RMXP screenshots look good.
it'll all be done on GM8 and I do intend on finishing it, and not just trying it then giving up. i'm glad PokeGamer is assisting me ass I'm not very good with GML at all, so i'm working on graphics and 3d models.
and thanks, those tiles are by Pokemon-Diamond on DeviantArt.