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Originally Posted by インフェルノの津波 View Post
No, Mirror Force destroys all attacking monsters. Useful, a bit, but nothing compared to this:


Doesn't have a wide area, true, can be countered, also true, but this removes from play, aka your opponent's monster is probably not coming back.
Originally Posted by インフェルノの津波 View Post
Has no one mentioned this card?

Yes, you already have.

How much of a life saver is this card?

Activate only when you take Battle Damage while you control no monsters. Gain Life Points equal to the Battle Damage you took, and Special Summon 1 "Malus Token" (Fiend-Type/DARK/Level 1/ATK ?/DEF ?). Its ATK and DEF are each equal to the amount of Life Points you gained by this effect.

It is out in the next pack.