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Quote originally posted by jAvAcOlA:
Holy crap the seagull pimp is back. I thought you had given up. were you pissed when HG and SS were announced?
Hehe well i wasnt the best bit pleased with hg/ss. It didnt capture any nostalgia at all for me...

Quote originally posted by Pokémon Grey:
nice job
love ur work brah
BTW who will be the final battle? (since Red won't be...)
The final battle? im not gonna reveal that but maybe you can work it out from the events of beta 2.1 and how they end...

Quote originally posted by anel:
can i also be beta tester
Sorry but, the list of beta testers is on the front page and the positions are full.

Quote originally posted by Lugiaz Soul:
How about making a nicer thread? Like Pokemon Sienna's for example.
Tbh its not the highest priority. I would much rather spend time working on the beta when i already have a full thread which serves its purpose.

Quote originally posted by Matugi:
I hope you guys fix some of the glitches, like the Amnesia glitch in Silph Co.

I loved this game when I played through it last time. Tiling was superb. Although, the weather effects seemed a little redundant or unnecessary at times.
Amnesia glitch? care to explain im not aware!

UPDATES: Well im tested and i just finished Goldenrod City. already hit 7 hours on the game clock.
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