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Originally Posted by smile! View Post
I thought you might drop by sooner or later 8D Glad to see you here :D
Thanks to Zam.
Originally Posted by smile! View Post
Sine and cosine rule, as in sin a/a = sin b/b or as in lim (x->0) sin h/h = 1?
Self teaching... whoa
In school, the first one. I've learned about the second one on my own, it's to do with the Squeeze theorem, right? I wonder if I can remember enough to teach someone else the lim(x->0) sinx/x =1
Originally Posted by smile! View Post
I still remember your aim to study everything you'd learn in college now and when you do get to college, you're going to annoy your lecturer with your weird questions. XD
I'm slowly getting there.
At the moment, my aim is to do precalc, calc, maybe trig as well. If possible, I'd LOVE to go over non-euclidean geometry, or topology in general.
Originally Posted by MeerFall View Post
I wish i was a improper fraction so i can contain a great deal of you!

if you are an acute angle you are more then you seem
if you are an right angle you know where to turn
if you are an straight line you are as bright as the sun
if you are an obtuse angle you are big and full of ideas
if you are a reflex angle you can reach your true poltensal by beliving in yourself
if you are a 360 degree angle you are all of the above and more!
Aww, those are awesome.

Also, can someone explain to me how maths is taught in USA? Because it's very different from the English system, it seems.
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