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Let's Play Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness

Part 2

Inside the shrine area, Eagun's waiting... Ever the impatient one, he challenges me to a battle.

Victor vs. Eagun

Lv17 Lv11+
Pikachu (no way am I posting an image of this thing lol) Lv12

Eagun's supposedy the legendary trainer, and this is the best he can muster? A single Bite from Jolteon exterminated his rodent in short order.

Afterward, the old guy tells me about how to use the Relic Stone monument to purify Pokemon. Since Teddiursa's ready, I try it out and voila! I now have a fully purified Teddiursa at level 16! Back at Eagun's place, he tells me of an acquaintance named Vander and points out his location: Mt. Battle. Looks like my next destination is set. But before I get out the door, Eagun aks for my P*DA number. Why do I have the feeling I'm gonna regret giving it to him later?

Mt. Battle

So I arrive at the base of a huge volcano and enter the building there. Once the receptionist realizes who I am, she lets me through. But apparently two of the trainers here didn't get the memo, as I have to fight through them to get to Vander. No matter, they put up little resistance. Getting to Vander, he has his student battle me. Again, no biggie. Having beaten the kid, Vander's ready to talk. He points out what is supposedly an old Cipher laboratory, but he's noticed activity about the facility. Looks like it's time to investigate...

Cipher Lab

Well, what do you know? There's a familiar hover truck parked outside. Methinks that Krane is somewhere within. One thing's for sure, though... that troupe of Cipher agents who call themselves the Hexagon Brothers who just came running out of the lab are a strange bunch... Apparently they don't know how to count off a roll call. What kinds of people are crime syndicates hiring nowadays?

Well, obviously I'll need to battle them to get inside the facility, and it just so happens that each of them holds a Shadow Pokemon. One of them, Spheal, fits nicely into my planned team. After snagging all six of them and beating the Hexagon Brothers up a bit more to completely purify a few of them (with the requisite trips back to Agate), I'm ready to tackle the lab proper.

So, I hardly get in the door when a Cipher agent drops down from above. Her name is Corla. and if anything, she's weaker than the Hexagon Brothers outside... And so it goes in the lab... Cipher Peons trying to get the jump on me, with a few Cipher R&D agents scattered about in plain sight. Along the way, I happen to overhear a conversation between Krane, Naps, and the valley girl who somehow got a leadership position here. Krane's being stubborn as usual, and head honcho Lovrina is getting more and more frustrated at his lack of cooperation.

As expected, a few of these guys have Shadow Pokemon to snag, but none are terribly difficult. After obtaining an access key, I can finally get to Krane, but of course I have to fight through Naps to do it. He has a team of four fairly good Pokemon, but no new Shadow Pokemon and they aren't too tough for my Spheal and Jolteon to get past. With Naps dispatched, Krane joins me and we hightail it to the exit when... well, I'll let the following video tell all.

Victor vs. Lovrina

(Click spoiler for video)

She's cute and all, but dang, she's annoying as all heck. With Lovrina like, so totally running off, Krane and I pick up some sort of data CD and return to the lab, where there's a big surprise waiting... the lab's big project, the Purify Chamber, is compete. I'm told this is a way to harness already purified Pokemon to mass-purify Shadow ones. So, I give it a try. It's got this cool hologram effect, so I stick a few of my newly acquired Pokemon in it and set off for my next destination...

Pyrite Town

Holy cow, this town is in sad shape... well, anyway, after witnessing a girl named Marcia sprint out of town followed by a guy with a news camera, I'm welcomed by a green-haired Rogue named Cail with - what else - a battle. Too bad Cail isn't even as strong as Naps, let alone Lovrina. Same goes for the other guys in town, though I do come across an interesting conversation between local officer Johnson and two scruffy-looking guys named Trudly and Folly.

Anyway, my real destination in town is the vending machine where I load up on 37 Lemonades the ONBS broadcasting station, which is the only building in town that isn't completely decrepit. Insie I head to the penthouse and hand the data disc from the lab over to techie Nett, who Krane said could decipher it. In the meantime Nett suggests I check out a Poke Spot, a place where wild Pokemon are supposed to be attracted to.

There, a news interview is going on between Duking, the burly, mustachioed fellow who's apparently at the forefront of wild Pokemon in Orre, and I get in on the interview, laying out some Poke Snacks that are supposed to attract wild Pokemon. Duking gives me the locations of two other Poke Spots, but I see something quite interesting at the third one...

Victor vs. Miror B.

(Click spoiler for video)

Yes, I realize the image in the divider bar above is of Colosseum's Miror B., but Bulbapedia doesn't have an equivalent image for XD Miror B. so this one will have to do.

Wow, Miror B. The dude might not be much of a battler, but his awesome dance moves completely blew me away! I hope we'll meet again. Anyway, I pick up the Miror Radar left behind by his underlings Trudly and Folly, and get an email from Nett. Apparenty he wants to talk with me back in Pyrite. But first, I think some training is in order... and there's a Shadow Delcatty and Voltorb that need purifying...

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