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I got a 3 Pack blister with 2 Undaunted I think and 1 EX Dragon Frontiers and a Cyndaquil coin and a Holo Shuckle for $11 I got Holo Rare Natu from Dragon Frontiers, Bellossom RH and Umbreon Holo from undaunted, and a Team Rockets TrickeryRH from other undaunted. Got 2 blisters of 1 Undaunted, 1 POP and 2 Promos and the other was 1 HGSS 1 POP and 2 Promos, Promos were Plusle and Minin HGSS and Hoothoot and Noctowl HGSS. From undaunted I got Bottom Kyogre and Groudon and Forretress RH. From HGSS I got Prime Typhlosion. Idk if all of these are in the correct order but these are all the holos and rh I got. pretty good for $21 I say :D
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