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Quote originally posted by Mrchewy:
Also, another thing I have to commend you for is being open to rebalancing items/Pokémon (like you did with Max Repel to start off with). Few fangames do this, which is unfortunate since many aspects of the real Pokémon games are pretty inbalanced to start off with. Here's hoping I'll see some changes to HM moves - notably stuff like Cut and Flash, lol.
Thanks, and yeah, I'm either just going to provide a key item alternative to Cut and Flash, or just buff the moves up so they're actually useful.

Quote originally posted by Masterge77:
I love this idea of yours, keep it up, I cannot wait to play it!!!!!

Quote originally posted by Cilerba:
Glad to see you got a thread up, Daed.
The tiles look nice. My only complaint would be the way you map.
The GBC Pokémon games had 32x32 mapping. (If that makes sense) From what I can see in the screenshots, your maps aren't like that.
Thanks, yeah, all the mapping that's shown in the screenshots is by Ven, so I'll talk to him about it.

Quote originally posted by ShadowDragon3812:
I saw this in the SPEE thread. this looks great. its great to see more throwbacks around here. keep up the good work! ima stalk this :p
Thanks mate. Neat to see DarkDoom linked me, haha.

Quote originally posted by elarmasecreta:
Wow, this looks amazing Daed. It's pretty cool to see you got the thread up, and straight up the showcase too.
I don't like those tiles you used for the mart and Pokecenter, though. The roofs seem a bit too bright, especially on the mart.

Anyway, I'll keep following this, keep up the good work!
Thanks, I'll see what alternatives we can come up with.

Quote originally posted by Suicune™:
This looks really good so far, great work, I'll be looking forward to playing this
Thanks mate.

As far as an update for this week; it's likely, but at the same time I have some stuff I need to catch up on, which kind of takes a priority, but it'll be soon. Hopefully.
I have a Twitter.
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I'm sure you have a lovely game. <3