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Quote originally posted by Mew~:
Well, i'm sure the Aloe's boobs would be enough for Brock anyway.
Hers? Not covered up as they are. Shikimi's breasts, on the other hand...

Quote originally posted by AshPikastar:
Oh yeah my friend had read a fanfic before for Megaman and he was disturb.
Disturbed by what, exactly?

Quote originally posted by AdvancedK47:
Prove it's not a taboo and prove the writers don't consider a global audience, wilst the implications that the writers do consider globaility are the Multicultural aspects of Generation V and $$$$$. Prove otherwise those two points and we'll talk.

You haven't completely proven the flaw in the logic. And I said the only two possibilities are N and M cannot be compared, or N =/= M, depending on the legibility of N < Pe < A < Pk, which both disprove N = M.
You're the one you has to prove it to make your equation viable. Otherwise, I can simply go M > N and say, "Because I say so," since it's based on as much assumption as you're putting into your math. Which makes your logic flawed.

You know, just saying. .... B > all, btw. Truth.
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