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Quote originally posted by Frostik:
You're the one you has to prove it to make your equation viable. Otherwise, I can simply go M > N and say, "Because I say so," since it's based on as much assumption as you're putting into your math. Which makes your logic flawed.

You know, just saying. .... B > all, btw. Truth.
Actually, P(aul)>All, assuming that Shinji's awesomeness equates to infinity

And anyways, there's yet another contradiction in your equation; mainly because of your defining postulate, which you stated:

Quote originally posted by AdvancedK47:
Let's assume the argument that no or none of these two ships are possible, N=M=0. The only problem is that we never know the chances of a ship actually becoming canon. You are not a writer, and therefore you cannot claim a 0% chance on anything.
And thus, the rest of it should have been null and void; and technically ALL shippings should have an infinitesimal probability (approaching the limit 0, of course ). And this is because!!:

Quote originally posted by PearlShipper4Life:
Advancedk47 loves Math, that's why math is being used here though it doesn't help the future of ships cuz Pokemon isn't all about romance. Its about a guy and his Pikachu traveling around the world to be a Pokemon master. People ship for the heck of it, but only a few ships have sort of become canon at the end and not even really canon either. Lets look back shall we?

By the way, Pearlshipper4life (can I call you Ashfangirl22, since that's who I know you as best? XD) your post is the one that made the most sense in this entire thread *applauds*

Quote originally posted by Mew~:

Well, i'm sure the Aloe's boobs would be enough for Brock anyway.

/Working on a Cafémocha Vid. ;D
Forget her boobs! Her hips don't lie, man!


Quote originally posted by Frostik:
That's no fun. Disturbing has way too much of a range. Disturbing could be anything from light Bass/Megaman fluff (simply because it's gay) to brutal rape of any character. ...Or genderbending mpreg. Or what I've written: Protoman/gijinka!Tango. It's hardly anything to go by in that fandom (any fandom).
Hetalia fandom: Hair...cumming. Need I say more?
And I swear, on google, I searched "May Pokemon" and I saw PORN of May x Missing no. My childhood was ruined.

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