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Originally Posted by Ratty524 View Post
Interesting concept and story. It's too bad your images don't do it any justice.

Your maps look really bare, and while Pokemon likes to keep things simple, add some flowers on the plans, and a few rocks in the caves, and in the towns decorate them with NPCs just to make it appear more lively. You also want to replace that Nurse graphic

It would be helpful to state what kind of help you are looking for, too.
Thanks for your comments.

Let me finalize a few things about what I've done. First off, the majority of the maps are not finalized, I wanted to get something together so I had a better idea of how I wanted to tell the story. Once I know the direction of the story, I'll start adding details to the maps. I tend to work on projects very slowly, so this will take awhile.

I did not list any requests for help not because I don't need it, but at the moment, at the pace I'm going, I don't think I will need extra help with this. I'm also in college too, and the last thing I need is to mention help requests and then take forever to respond and have agitated teammates. I do not want to have that happen.

But once I have a better idea of what I want to do, and how I want to work on this, then maybe I'll start asking for help. I at the moment am not planning to go beyond the basics of Essentials since I for the life of me cannot program. Not to mention I have absolutly no idea what I am doing within the code files anyway, and I know not to mess with stuff which I don't know how to work.

More progress will be posted when I have the time, and when I can plan out how I want this done, I'll make a team list in my first post.

BTW: My title image for the game in the first post contains images of some legendaries I will include in the game. Not all of them, of course, because I couldn't fit them all, but as a small puzzle, see if you can guess the pokemon in the image. One is hidden.
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