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Quote originally posted by Raith775:
Ill take the Suicune, Zapdos, and Ditto if thats alright with you. When are you available to trade? and can you clone?
I can clone, and I think I'll be pretty much online tomorrow my time (it's nighttime), so I think we might be able to trade.

Quote originally posted by Eleken:
CMT for this two:

MattJ's Jirachi
Nature: Jolly|IVs: 31/31/31/30/30/31 (HP Ground 70)
Shiny: No|Availability: Untouched [Level 5]
Redistributable: Yes

MattJ's Latias
Nature: Timid|IVs: 31/19/31/30/30/31 (HP Ground 70)
Shiny: No|Availability: Untouched [Level 35]
Redistributable: Yes
I would like Mat's Roselia and Torchic, please.

Quote originally posted by KillerDucky:
mattj's flygon would be nice and i am brill with breeding plus an absol would b nice
Wait, I don't understand. o_o I'm sorry, but can you please tell me what are you trying to say again but more accurately? ;

Quote originally posted by TheRichar:
Mattj's Mew for Mattj's Moltres?
Does it sound good?
I already have MattJ's Mew, but I didn't include it in the list.

Quote originally posted by tratjack:
so pretty much what you're telling me is that your wants are this other kids pokemon?
Yeah, kinda. Is that a problem? >,>

Quote originally posted by Bibliophibian:
Which ones? I have 2 natures of each.
Articuno - Modest (shiny) or Calm (non-shiny)
Uxie - Impish or Jolly (both non-shiny)

Whichever you want are fine by me.
Just let me know when you'd like to trade and I'll try to be online to meet you.
I take the Calm Articuno and the Impish Uxie!

And I'll be online a lot tomorrow my time. [It's nighttime] So I think we might be able to trade then.


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