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There has been some very interesting speculation going on around serebii and Pikachu's new move that I would like to point out:
Originally Posted by Lukah View Post
Everybody has already seem the Rocket vs. Plasma preview.
And as everybody can see Pikachu has a new move. It's set to debut at BW020.

And looking at the descriptions of the new electric 5 Gen moves, the only one that seems to be fitting is Lightning Strike.

Lightning Strike is an exclusive Zekrom move.
So that could mean Zekrom did curse or boost Pikachu's power. (even though it's been a clear loser this days).

Look at Lightning Strike's description: It covers itself in extensive amounts of electricity and charges at the opponent. It may cause paralysis.

Do you guys think it's possible Zekrom did in fact alter Pikachu's power when he gave back his Electricity?

If this was already discussed, sorry!
It's very interesting - the Animation and description seem very similer to what Pikachu used to the preview too. It seems plausible to me.
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