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Ok so I haven't updated yet but I've done heaps! Me and my Gengar are nearly at the elite 4, sorry I haven't kept track of whta I've done, but I've played Ruby so many times I can speed through it. Anyways, here's my team:

Gengar: Lvl 67

Moves: Brick Break, Shadow Puch, Shadow Ball, Hypnosis

Stats: HP - 186, Attack - 122, Defense - 115, Sp. Atck - 219, Sp. Df - 130, Speed - 176

The my HM/TM Slaves:

Moves: Strength, Fly, Flash, Sweet Scent

Moves: Cut, Rock Smash, Secret Power, Surf

Moves: Waterfall, Surf, Dive, Dig

I will notify when I beat elite 4

Ruby Solo Challenge -
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