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Quote originally posted by Cammy25!:
I can only hack two into the game, but there are three pokemon there, 2x Pidgeot and Arbok, that I cannot capture in the game...
Oh sorry, then switch Arbok out for Camerupt :D

And First Update!

Started Game.
Named myself Nickel.
Did start of game stuff.
Rescued Prof. Birch w/ Oddish
Nicknamed my Oddish Seifer. (I'm doing a Final Fantasy Theme)
Battled May and won.
Got my Pokedex and Poke Balls
Caught a Zigzagoon on Route 101, nicknamed it Vanille.
Caught a Miltank on Route 102, nicknamed it Garnet.
Began to level grind.
Got bored, saved, and quit.

*NEXT UPDATE: Rusty Old Rustboro*
Completed Challenges:
Duo-Species Challenge
Nidoking/Gardevoir, Ninetales/Kabutops, / (Ruby)

Syddy Claus' Challenge
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