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Quote originally posted by Pikapal642:
Grrrr, you sent me on a Wiki Walk. >_____< Darn you Ilpeh.
Quote originally posted by Zameric:
Alright, that puts you on par with me, stat wise.
Doesn't seem real objectionable to me; unless someone else has a problem with it?
Eh, I've become a lot more lax about the stats plus, you didn't put 100 intelligence

Quote originally posted by Zameric:
Well I don't quite like that, since it's supposed to be part Spiritual Pressure too.
He's a beast, spiritual pressure wise. I would have liked it better if they had given him like 30 or 40 originally.
Yeah, I don't like that they bunched Kidou and Reiatsu together, since while they're related, they aren't the same thing.
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