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Quote originally posted by Graceful:
That has to be impossible, right?!
After my own wikiwalk, I have decided that nothing is impossible.

Quote originally posted by -Lapras-:
I know it's not really on topic but wouldn't have you lot wanted Orihime's power to have been developed a lot more. It might just be me but the basics of it seem a lot more interesting than Chad's. Perhaps Kubo wanted to keep her as the 99% useless character there to play the captured princess, meh.
Orihime's are definitely the most interesting, being the first person to have been mentioned to have time related powers (and space AND time together, I wished Kubo elaborated more).
Oh, also,
Remember how Orihime doesn't seem to wear her pins? One theory is that ICHIGO can't see them, because he can't sense anything reiatsu based. At first, this seems to make sense, but then he has his badge. If anyone wants to have a go at trying to make the theory make sense, be my guest.

[QUOTE=Pikapal642;6454464]Grrrrrrr. At least I love Tvtropes. XD[/QUOTE]
Ah, TV Tropes.
Quote originally posted by Zameric:
Aizen is on par with Yamamoto, and Unohana is only like 20 points behind them. :p
You just compared Pikapal to Aizen.

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