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Originally Posted by Joey's Rattata View Post
The English patch hasn't been finished yet.

I played the first RM, hated it. Didn't import the second RM, but I have the third one. I pre-ordered it, and it arrived on the day of release.

It's pretty good, my only complaint is the difficulty curve. But it's amazing, a vast improvement over the first game.

The amount of skits is amazing, and most of them are voiced, which is even more amazing due to all the characters in the game. I can certainly believe Namco when they say they "maxed out" the PSP.

The gameplay is quite fun, and you can never get bored due to all the characters in it. Even playing as a caster is fun.

It's hard to run out of TP as long as you're smart about it. The AI, however, is not as smart as you and tends to run out of TP quite fast. But they gain it back rather easily, so that isn't a problem unless you have a healer in your party that spams Barrier. (Which can easily be turned off.)

And the Quests are entertaining as well, and the story ones are full of funny skits.
I was looking at the characters included in the game, and it looks like just about every character from a Tales game is in it. You even have Saleh from Rebirth, lol. I didn't play very much of the first game as the repetitive quests quickly made me lose interest.

A walkthrough or translation guide isn't necessary for game like this, right? Though I guess you're missing out on the skits.