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Merged this with the plot bunny thread as that is what this thread is for - giving advice on story plot ideas. =p

By itself it seems to be a good starting point, and in fact if what you are worried about is whether is interesting enough as-is then it actually can be fine, a simple Pokemon journey story without 'saving the world' or whatnot, as long as the story is well-written, the characters are believable, and so forth.

Anyway, one way to add to a story idea is to consider why or how the world/characters will react to an event. For instance, you mentioned that he 'is pushed out of his comfortable world' - how does the main character respond to the sudden change then? Does he embrace the challenge, or does he somewhat wimp out or fail to for instance set up a tent when he fails to get to the nearest city by nightfall? How would his Pokemon react to him doing so? Try building off points like that - maybe that will help. Check out the 2nd post in this thread as well, maybe something there will help you.


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