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Originally Posted by hamguy4456 View Post
Hey all, I stopped watching the anime after Johto (well, not completely. I caught an episode here and there every now and then) but have been considering picking it up again. I was wondering whether they ever make any references or bring in any cameos from past seasons? If so, how frequently do they occur?

On a side note, is Gary still the rival? If not, whatever happened to him?
This belongs in the FAQ thread.~

To answer your question, they do reference older seasons, but those references get less common each saga. In Black and White there are almost no references at all, Ash didn't even remember how to properly catch a Pokemon.
Misty appeared a few times in Hoenn and the Battle Frontier, and May appeared once in Sinnoh. Dawn and Brock both got specials in Black and White as well. Hoenn and the Battle Frontier are the closest things we have to a mature and experienced Ash, he even acts as a mentor to May at times.
We rarely get to see Ash's old Pokemon. We see quite a few during the Battle Frontier, and he uses them during the Sinnoh League as well. A certain member from his Johto squad evolves during the Sinnoh league as well.

After the Johto League Gary randomly left to become a Pokemon Researcher. He appears at the end of the Battle Frontier and a couple times in Sinnoh.