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Gender :male(again duh)



Home town: twin leaf town, sinnoh

Personality: Lionel is friendly and not afraid to rough it. He dislikes fighting, although if he sees someone being bullied by someone, he will not hesitate. He is trusting and is a loyal friend, but this sometimes gets him into trouble0_o
If someone irritates him, he does what brainless cowards deserve. He ignores them.
If someone wants to be friends, it doesn't matter what he or she looks like, he'll be their friend, and a good one at that. If he is in danger, he will remain calm and find the solution.
He likes the outdoors, animals and running. He hates cowards, rules and as said above, unnecessary fighting

History: His father was apparently a great trainer called Lucas who had defeated the Elite four to claim the title of champion. He is currently training in the legendary MOUNT SILVER. Since young, Lionel has dreamed of mirroring his father's accomplishments.
His father's partners were a infernape and a machamp. His mother's partners are a blissey and a clefable

Looks: Lionel has short brown hair that is usually untidy and tangled. His height is above average, and his legs are muscled due to his love for running. He usually wears a faded t-shirt displaying the logo of his favorite hockey team, the Snowpoint slicers.
He likes to wear his pokeball hat, to show his pride of being born in
Twinleaf. He wears casual shorts, and although he may not admit it, he wears it as he admires the ' shorts kid' called joey on tv:p

Pokemon: Lucario(duuuuhhhh)


Gender: male

likes: battles, meditating, Lionel

dislikes: cowards, traitors
Moves: aura sphere, dark pulse, psychic, iron tail
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