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Hello everyone! I introduce to you the project of homebrew game PSPokémon. This project was started by a group of friends of mrfyda as a small test for the PSP.
Platform: PSP (currently runs from the OFW to CFW)
Language: Game is is being developed in C and Lua
Code: - only make a request for access at the forum


  • Online Score
  • Multi-languages
  • Open Development
  • AdHoc Battle
  • Wifi Battle (maybe - depending if it needs server or not)
  • Still lots to be done, join to the team and help in developing




Video by TeamUnkownkaz

Analog or D-pad: Movement
X button: Action button
O button: Cancel button
Square: Run
Start: Menu and pause



v0.18 [07/09/2010]
* Fixed: Several bugs
* Added: Preparation for PSPokémon Online
* Added: Italian translation - Thanks to ReborN26
v0.16 [18/08/2010]
* Fixed: Error while submiting online score
v0.15 [17/08/2010]
* Fixed: Collision issues
v0.14 [16/08/2010]
* Added: UTF-8 support
v0.13 [14/08/2010]
* Fixed: save/load bug
* Fixed: Pokémons in grass appear right after a battle
* Fixed: Removed flickering when fighting w/ trainer
* Fixed: You can now update when using Game Categories plugin
* Added: Deutsch translation - Thanks to xGhOsTkiLLeRx for translating and reporting bugs
* Added: French translation - Thanks to killtoo
v0.12 [11/08/2010]
* Added Spanish Translation - Thanks to Raxco
v0.1 [31/12/2009]
* Initial release

PSPokémon Online
Still getting started [07/11/2010]
startup and menu done [20/11/2010]
done Submit Score [21/11/2010]
got Translations [26/11/2010]
signed EBOOT [22/01/2011]
New update module to use .zip & EBOOT (run on HBL & OFW) [24/01/2011]
Battle System [26/01/2011]
update system & battle bugs fixed [01/02/2011]
Handle Load/Connect errors [02/02/2011]
Investigate server-side architecture [current]


Final Thoughts:
If you have knowledge in C or Lua(would be great you have a PSP =P), wants to make maps or help in other ways, just access the project site at

Thank you to MrFyda for allowing to creating the topic here.
Developed by mrfyda, KaZ and NightStar 3(TeamZero). And thanks to all the translators

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