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TPCi Not Happy About Cartoon Network's Movie Cut

Thank goodness that TPCi actually cares about their product. I was frustrated with them for being lazy about updating the BW opening's silhouettes periodically over time. They've redeemed themselves a bit with this stance on what Cartoon Network. I haven't watched Movie 13 yet, but cutting out 10 minutes of footage necessary for the story is just wrong. And apparently, Cartoon Network performed the cut just to show more advertisements (I've heard the movie showing was infested with breaks) and a 15-minute episode of Adventure Time (if it was a rerun, it makes the whole ordeal worse). CN is only hastening its decline and deterioration with their uncalled-for truncating of the Zoroark movie - for advertisements, no less.

Also, I just learned that Ethan/Hibiki actually battled Ash! I'm unsure if he had a speaking role, though... But it's cool that Gold now has two anime counterparts: Jimmy and "himself". If only the "original" Red (FireRed design) were shown in the anime now...
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