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I didn't mind the episode. When I heard that they were doing Justin Bieber in the episode I was a little mad at first, and even more mad when they had said that no one's more rock and roll than him. D:< That doesn't even make sense! He doesn't even sing rock and roll! Anyway I think they cancelled out the fact with Justin Bieber by making fun of him. I really do hope Sue doesget her on the Cheerios. :D

Also I loved Sing. Truly amazing anthem choice, and you can just hear the emotion rolling out their mouths when they sing it. Not as good as the original though, but still great. :o

As for the whole Blaine singing thing, I'm not a huge fan of it. sure he's a great singer and all, but I guess the thing I don't like is that Blaine seems to get every single solo for the Warblers and that doesn't seem right to me.

One more thing, Lauren Zizes is still amazing in the show. They better as hell make her a regular.