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Gah, I feel like I have been gone for so long from here. >__> I blame the flu. XD Anyways,

Anime 309:
Epic final battle was epic. XD I especially liked how during Aizen's final speech, it was animated to be all shaky. XD

Manga 437:
What in the world is a "flange"? I googled it and all I got was the "tool" flange, not a "weapon" flange. 0__o Anyways, finally, I was waiting for this chapter. XD And Orihime better not get kidnapped. -__-

Thanks for the updated stats, Zameric!

And welcome to the fan club VarimathraS! I am Pikapal642, the Captain of Squad 9, but you may shorten my name however you wish. ^__^

What concept in Bleach would you liked explored more?
I would like Orihime's powers explained more, definitely. There are some other things I want to see more of, but I think they are explained in the anime's filler arcs (Namely, about the Zanpokutu spirits) which I haven't seen. I am gonna go see those episodes, so I may have something to add after I see some omore of that stuff.