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ill join

Name: Silver Odile (odile japanese name for totodile but sounds better in japanese as a last name.)




Hometown:Blackthorn city, Johto

Personalityilver is a shy but energetic kid. He is very adventurous and highly curious which causes a lot of problems for him. He will stand and fight any battle and try not to stop until he does something useful to people. He is also unlucky at times. He always liked seeing Pokemon battles. He researched Pokemon since he was told he was going to recieve a pokemon. He hates having to fight water types which can prove to be a problem. Anyone with a water type he declares a rival. Hes always up for a good challenge.

History: Silver wore a lot of different things on his Pajamas or Regular clothes. He wasn't very popular because of this. He was welcomed by others who were unpopular like him. When he turned ten the professor had a surprise Pokemon for him since he always helped out around the Lab. He was one day walking when a pokemon fell from the sky. It was a bagon. He was overjoyed to have it but how did it get here? He looked up and only saw a glimpse of the pokemon. To his luck, The bagon already had its own pokeball. He put the bagon in the pokeball. He has been training his bagon ever since.

Hair: Dark brown and short. About as fluffy as a very soft pillow. People always want to feel his soft here because of the reason he uses shampoo to make it very soft.
Face:He has a Scar on his eye, and Dark brown eyes. He has a more oval shape head then circular.
Body style: He is 5'8 and is skinny even when eating a lot (happens in real life to and i don't take any medicine.) and weighs around 70 pounds.
Clothes:Wears a black T-shirt with a Bagon on it with blue matching jeans.
Accessories: A hat with a Bagon on it passed down from his dad to him.

Starting Pokemon: Bagon
Nickname: Salamander
Moveset: Headbutt, Bite, Dragon breath, Zen headbutt. (not evolved at right time.)
Personality: Salamander is a energetic pokemon that loves battles. When he sees a trainer he rushes at them and misses on purpose for a warning shot. Hes not stubborn but acts like he is. He dosen't evolve at the right time hes suppose to and has been the same pokemon for a few months.
Likes:Battling, eating, and training.
Dislikes:Mean pokemon,pokemon that steal his food, and being threatened while training. (ok what the heck is wrong with the history. Wearing different things on pajamas and regular clothes isn't even talking about pokemon.)
So awesome that its a win
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