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Pokemon Opal
You, the main character, arrive on a ship in Vermillion City with your parents and little sister. All is going well, and your about to set sail on a PokeEarth cruise, traveling to all of the regions. As the ship takes off, you feel that unexplainable feeling of uncertainty. The feeling you get when you know something bad is going to happen but you can't explain how or why. In a rush of adrenaline and uncertainty, you hurry to find your parents. Before you know it, the boat is shaking back and forth. There are muffled screams of pokemon and humans.

You find yourself in a small room, with water rushing in. You call for you parents, or anyone for that matter. No one answers. There is a small opening in the side of the boat. You manage to squeeze out into the freezing water of the North Kanto sea. Swimming for your life, you become exhausted. You decide to stop and tread water. Floating in the water is something you'd never expect to see -- a necklace. It's expensive, and made of fine Opal. It belonged to your mother. Without hesitation, you grab the necklace. It's all you have left of her.

Out of nowhere, a generous pokemon comes to the rescue. A confused (whatever starter you pick) looks at you. It senses that you need help and swims you to shore. As it swims, you can hear the boat sinking still. You think about what you could have done to save your parents. But in the end, you don't look back to watch it burn.

This is a very very very brief summary of the storyline. If anyone wants to help me with this hack, feelfree to message me!
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