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Originally Posted by Fezao4 View Post
WAIT UP GUYS!!!!!!!!!!Im confused.Shiny Gold is a copy of Liquid Crystal or Liquid Crystal is a copy of Shiny Gold!I think Shiny Gold Copy Liquid Crystal Because In Shiny Gold Theres Dont have adventures in Kanto and Liquid Crystal have!Wow I cant wait for Beta 3.1!!When you beat Red Theres more adventure!!!Who made this hack(LikandZelda) are a genious!!!
Neither are a copy of each other. Shiny Gold came first, true, but it is a Gold remake, whereas this is a Crystal remake. In fact, it can be argued that Gamefreak copied both xD

Anyway, good to hear you have more free time now. Hopefully this hack can have its third beta released within the next few months
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