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Quote originally posted by DForte:
this looks really good. i like the battle system. I've always wanted to play a pokemon game with a 3rd person view battle system. The two Eevees looks pretty good. By looking at Necreon (and his name) I'm guessing its a ghost type. I think it should be changed a little because it kind of looks like Glaceon. Although the flashing color is a nice touch. Adreon kind of reminds me of the Pidgey family, so I'm guessing that its a flying type. Anyway, whether I'm wrong or right, you should probably put their types next to their names. I am a little surprised that this hasnt made it to the showcase yet. Seems like you have made a lot to go on.

Gonna download the demo and try it out a later

Edit: May I suggest uploading your game to a website such as Megaupload. My virus protection (McAfee) popped up and said the site had potentially dangerous/unwanted files. If you upload to some kind of sharing site, you wont have problems in the future.
Sure thing, here's on Mediafire:

And thanks! Yup, you got the types right; and I've asked to move it to the Showcase, but it apparently wasn't approved. :/

Quote originally posted by Invokez:
Looks lovely, Im downloading the demo now. Love the Necreon concept looks epic. Also love that dark fish evo line and the fighting evo line. Not a fan of the psychic one though but still good job
Thanks! It's curious that there aren't many choosing the Psychic xD

And yeah, a brilliant job was done with those two Eeveelutions