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I'm afraid I think my writing quality has declined. I'm having trouble finding the right words to describe what's happening in the story, so it may not flow very well.
I haven't started using wordpad yet, I plan to next chapter


PL VS AA: The Twin Siren - Chapter 2: The Psychic Captor

"Flora!" Professor Layton tried to remain calm, but it was obvious he was beginning to stress.

"Eugh... what's with all the noise?"

Phoenix, Maya and Pearl appeared from their rooms, all dressed in their pajamas.

"Flora! She's - she's - some one's taken her!" Luke spluttered, running to the door Flora passed through. He desperately tried to open the door, but failed. Out of frustration he began to aggressively pound the door down, but was stopped by Layton.

"Now, Luke, we must remain calm. A gentleman always rescues their lady friend without resorting to violence." Layton then turned to Phoenix, Maya and Pearl. "I believe you should leave the motel. The manager may have
another urge to steal another person from their rooms."

"No! We're helping!" Maya said, pounding her hand into her palm. "But how do we open this door... - oh, look!"

On the wall next the locked door was a picture. It was an odd picture, only different coloured keys were painted on a white background.

"The pictures name is 'The Key Box'," Phoenix said, investigating the frame of the picture. "I think one of these keys should open the door!"

Phoenix then tried to remove one of the keys, having a lot of trouble.

"Grrr, I can't pull them out!"

"Please, allow me to try and solve this puzzle."

Layton then carefully studied the picture, while everyone impatiently waited for him to retrieve the key.

"C'mon Professor, Flora's probably far away already!" Luke said, he seemed to be the most agitated of Flora's abduction.

"I have it. It's quite simple really," Layton then preceded to lift the picture to reveal a box in the wall, holding a single key.

"The picture name indicates a box, but the picture is rather two dimensional. The only way for the picture name to be accurate is if the picture was extended to make it 3D. As you can see, the indent in the wall is shaped like
a box, and the inside is decorated white. I believe the frame is just a lid to conceal it."

"Good going, Professor!" Luke cheered. Layton then unlocked the door and everyone ran to rescue Flora.


Flora began to stir, her memory was fuzzy. All she remembers was someone in her room, then a floating orb colliding with her forehead.

"Where am I?"

Flora tried to move, but she was strapped into a chair. The room was very dark, but Flora could see the shadow of someone, their face was concealed by the darkness. Nothing else was visible but the small light coming from the open door.

"Finally, you're awake." The person who kidnapped Flora walked up to her, and began to circle her while she talked.

"I have been waiting for this day-"

"What day?!" Flora was struggling in her chair, trying to reason with her captor. Flora had no idea who had kidnapped her, but from the voice Flora deduced that she was female.

"- the day where I get my revenge-"

"Revenge? What for!" Flora was getting very aggressive, despite not being able to move.

"-for leaving me for dead."

"What!?" Flora was beginning to tire from fighting a losing battle with the chair, and stopped struggling to regain her breath.

"All you had to do was turn around and we both could have been safe, avoiding this moment in time. But, your selfish actions must be punished."

"What - what actions?"

"Enough talking! Time for you to receive what your actions caused!"

Flora's captor motioned towards a metal plate, and it began to levitate. The metal plate then began to float in Flora's direction.

"What - what are you doing!?" Flora screamed. The metal plate was rather large, and it seemed as if Flora's captor wanted to use it as a weapon.


Luke burst through the doorway closely followed by Layton, Phoenix, Maya and Pearl, shocking both Flora and her captor. Flora's captor lost her concentration, and the metal plate fell to the floor with a loud 'clang'.

"Luke!" Flora said, relieved.

Luke rushed over to Flora, releasing her from the chair. Flora hugged Luke, then everyone turned to the shadowy figure in the corner.

"Who are you? I want to hear a name!" Phoenix demanded, addressing the unknown person.

"I'm not telling!" The person then lifted both of her arms, and hundreds of small bolts and screws from the ground started to levitate. Everyone gasped in shock as with a sweeping motion of her arms the unknown woman
sent hundreds of bolts and screws flying towards them. The woman made her escape, as her telekinetic abilities proved a valuable distraction. The group tried to give chase, but the bolts and screws slowed them down
heavily, allowing the woman to evacuate the motel. As she left, the pandemonium ceased, the nuts and bolts fell to the floor and remained lifeless.

"Flora, are you okay?" Luke asked, wanting to know who the mysterious captor was.

"Yes, yes, I'm fine. But I have no idea who that was," Flora said, before anyone could ask.

"Then why would they kidnap you?" Phoenix asked, scratching his chin.

"Hmmm.... this is indeed quite perplexing," Layton said, thinking. "I'm not sure if we should stay here or not, fearing Flora's safety. But whoever caused this mayhem has gone, and I'm certain that nothing dangerous will
continue when that woman isn't in our midst."

"Well... I'm tired, so I'm going back to bed, night all!" Maya concluded, leaving the room. She was followed by everyone and they all fell asleep quite quickly, despite the traumatic events that took place.


Tell me if it was good

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