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Quote originally posted by Conan Edogawa:
If you want I have a custom item ball you could use. I was going to make a GSC game, but later decided against it. I really like the look of this game, the custom tiles are really nice and the story seems interesting. My only complaint would be the people sitting on the benches look weird, it's probably just the positioning of the tile on the tileset though.
Nah, I don't really think that would be necessary. Thanks for the offer though. I'll look into the benches thing.

Quote originally posted by Joey's Rattata:
This game looks pretty interesting, I'll keep an eye on it, hope to see a download link sometime soon!

But I'm going to say this - You shouldn't spoil too much of the story, and screenshots of dialogue should be few and far between. Some people will get bored playing if you tell them too much about the story beforehand.

Thanks. Yeah, that's why I left the story vague, and this is sort of the boring introductory stuff -- there really isn't much to do yet, so that's why I'm showing dialogue. No worries though, I know what I'm doing with what I reveal.


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