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Hey everyone, sorry that I haven't gotten on in a while.
I have a short school week this week, so I should be able to get on more.

What concept in Bleach would you liked explored more?
I'd like so see how students in the Soul Reaper academy get their zanpakuto.
Are they are taught how to manifest it, or are they given something like blanks?
Quote originally posted by VarimathraS:
Can I join, please? "Keiri"
Hello and welcome to the Bleach Fan Club, VarimathraS.
Do you have a nickname?
But please put a little more into your posts.
Quote originally posted by minchan:
Anyway, welcome again. Hope you have fun here! (And BTW Squad 10 is better than the rest. Because I said so.)
Pffft, just keep telling yourself that... Squad 1 ftw!
Quote originally posted by Pokestick, good times.:
Getwheelga Tenshou's appearence feels a little... Random. But ok.

I want Orihime to FIGHT in the next chapter. It's been three years, show some guts :V
According to Kubo, she knows karate. Show meh ;A;
Ahahahaha xD

Yeah, but she'd probably kick his butt and then apologize. :p

Quote originally posted by RASENCERO:

The bad guy team has appeared! If they are Fullbringers, my prediction was right.

About Orihime; I predict that one of the four following things will happen:
A)She gets caught again.
B)This time she will go attack mode on his ass and shows that she has learned after last time.
C)Someone comes to her rescue.
D)Plot Twist.

I am waiting for next week to see what else Ichigo's Fullbring can do. So no comments for now.
I'm hoping for what will probably be a combination of B and C.