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Name: Abrin Able
Species: Abra
Gender male
Age: 13

Appearance: Looks like your average abra but with more of a golden tint of skin color

Move Set: teleport, confusion, psychic, growl

Personality: Abrin is a very calm pokemon though he tends to seem very happy-go lucky. He is very intelligent (what else do you expect from an abra) but his intellect can rival even that of a kadabra. This does however effect his sleeping patterns. A regular abra tends to sleep eighteen hours a day but since his intelligence higher than that of a regular abra he tends to sleep 19-20 hours. This causes him to sometimes doze off during speechs and other long lectures.

History: Abra was born in a village not to far from mineral town. he had to loving and very smart alakazams for parents that have a higher intellect than the normal alakazam.( This pretty much explains his higher than normal intelligence) His parents both used to be explorers but they decided to settle down and start a family. His father is village chief and his mother helps a blisssey treat sick pokemon. Ever since his parents started telling stories of their adventures Abrin has wanted to be an explorer. They would not let him join one until he became 13. On a side note he also carries his lucky golden spoon everywhere. He got from his father as a birthday gift.
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