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I've been hunting a lot for Treecko in my quest to get all Sapphire SRable shinys, and sure enough, I'm taunted by the uncatchable shiny Poochyena. :/ At least I can say I saw a shiny, even though I couldn't catch it! Hopefully shiny Treecko is on the way...

Quote originally posted by Runasutaru:
While it would be pretty darn useful to have the Eon Ticket version to SR, if you at least have Latios available as a roamer (don't remember how Emerald worked with those - can you even have him roaming, there?), it's possible. It's been done and you can see that if you really roll back in the SHC thread. It's pretty long-drawn, though. I think it involved saving right after beating the Elite Four, watching the TV show and having to snipe the Pokémon down without a map indicator, since it's the first time seeing it. Good luck if you follow that route! It reminds me of the insanity of going for a Shiny Entei/Raikou pre Wi-Fi event.

Thanks! I might try that method a few times, but it sounds extremely time-consuming; probably around 10 minutes per reset! Unfortunately, I don't have 81,920 minutes in most of my days!

Quote originally posted by Folkedahl:
Found a shiny Spinda in Emerald. Named him snot :3
Congratulations! My first shiny was in Emerald, on the Spinda route... *nostalgia*

Quote originally posted by pooch:
I got a shiny Nidoqueen in leaf green and a shiny gastorodon in diamond
Awesome, nice shinys!

Grr, your name reminds me of that uncatchable shiny Poochyena! >

Quote originally posted by Gearuvagen:
Wow the front page hasn't been updated in 5 years!!
Maybe this group should be closed and remade?

well anyway I caught a Shiny Golbat, and hatched a shiny Spoink,Beldum,Charmander,Cherubi and Roselia
Wow, congrats on all those shinys! Beldum must have taken a long time, since it has so many egg steps. That's a really cool collection you have there.

I don't like the idea of remaking the club - this thread is filled with so many awesome shiny stories, it would be a shame to kill it. Each post here is like we're adding to history.

*continues Treecko hunt*
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