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Thank you so much for you're feedback! Yes, the title will definitely be revamped once I can really come up with one that I feel is right for the project. So for now Pokemon 2 is it. As far as the timeline goes; you are probably right. What I really wanted to do was bring the familiar faces from Ruby/Sapphire to the Kanto Region. To give it some sense of continuity. Just because you finish the region you start in; who is to say that the hero doesn't go on to do more. I was going to say "Ef you" to the timeline and create plothole either way. Perhaps a better route to take would be to set it 5-6 years after R/S/E? That would mean it is 2-3 years after G/S/C. Perhaps this "bigger" future is better left for another day. I can hint towards these advancements/changes that will eventually become of Kanto. Yes; I think I will do that. PS. the reason I though Viridian would see such a growth is because it is right next to the Pokemon League and Close to Johto. But with Vermillion so close to Saffron it also wouldn't make much sense to "steal the spotlight" so to speak. This is why I'm here in this board though to get feedback and hear suggestions! So thank you.

So to recap so far; I've come to the conclusion that the overly drastic change to kanto will have to wait
..until Diamond and Pearl head over to kanto? one game at a time haha. The game will officially be set 3 years after G/S. I'll say roughly about 5 years after you complete your journey in Hoenn. There will be changes that will be hinting at further changes that will occur in Kanto. Some changes that I had in mind will be currently on-going as you play. Again I am unsure what EXACTLY is happening to each town anyways.

Thanks for encouraging the use of RMXP I've been keeping up on CrazyNinjaGuy's starter kit. The current version he is coming up with is almost an exact replica of HGSS. So that seems like my favorite choice thus far.

Thanks for complimenting Sapphire's attire. I am kinda going with the HGSS route of keeping it close to the original; but also freshening it up a bit too. and I should have Ruby's up by the end of this weekend hopefully. As well as artwork for one of the new Pokemon I am going to include. They are not going to be anything special. I just thought it'd be nice to include a few new guys. I'm going to say that If a new Pokemon idea comes up and it's design is good enough. I may decide to add it in. I will add anything less than extraordinary though.

The story isn't completely finished yet; which is why I haven't included it yet. Yes,Team Snagem (or a team similar) will be making an appearance. I will give away that part of the objective of the game is to put an end to this organization. Which is why you will head to Orre and take out this organization from the inside. With the inclusion of shadow Pokemon; part of your mission in the game will also be to help "cure" this "disease" and help with Purification research. I may include a "new" team rocket. I may not. I'm messiing around with the idea of including a form of neo-team Rocket. Not sure yet. I'm just trying to break the barrier of cliche Pokemon Fan-game and create something great for the community to enjoy.

Sorry for the wall of text haha. I really do appreciate you breaking everything down for me. So, thanks C:

~ Demo Release Coming soon ~
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