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OK! I made quite a bit of distance since my last update, and I'm all the way to Sekka City or whatever it's called now. Here's how it went down (spoilers for those who don't wanna know)

-Stopped Team Plasma in a cave
-Arrived in Shippou City
-Grinded Venom more until she evolved into a Scolipede
-Took on the Gym Leader Aloe and won easily
-Stopped Team Plasma in the forest and retrieved the dragon's skull
-Traveled to Hiun/Castelia City
-Explored, then took on Gym Leader Arty and won with Rollout
-Rescued Belle's stolen Munna from Team Plasma
-Battled and beat both Belle and Cheren
-Arrived in Raimon City
-Took on N again and won
-Entered the Gym and beat her
-Traveled to Hodome City and kicked Team Plasma out of the Freezer Container
-Took on the Gym Leader Yakon and won
-Went into Thunder Stone Cave and found N
-Traveled through the cave, battled N, and won with no problems
-Arrived in Fukiyose City
-Went to the Tower of Heavens and found the Leader there
-Returned to take on her Gym, winning with Rock Tomb
-Beat Cheren again, got surf, and did some exploring to get the TM for Rock Slide, Poison Jab, and X-Scissor and taught them to Venom
-Venom's Final Moveset (Before First E4 Challenge): Poison Jab, X-Scissor, Rock Slide, and Level Ground
-Traveled to Sekka City through Mt. Neji
-Took on the Gym Leader there and won using Rock Slide

And that brings us to where I am now. Another update coming soon!
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