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Pokemon Yellow Moon.

I came up with that title at random, would actually be a firered hack.

Ideas I'm playing with for the story.

1. The protagonist is from our world, who through an experiment slips into the Pokemon world, but the connection back is severed when it turns out the device thay let him pass through, doesn't function in Pokemon world. He was given an electronic recording system to monitor the strange beings on the other side though, and he decides to continue his experiment while searching for a way home. however...

2The world of Pokemon is in trouble, but not because of a cult-like team, because of you! In this Pokemon world it turns out your existence is a threat to the balance of worlds, and so, you're being chased by the Poke-guard. An elite group of trainers/peace keepers in the Cyil region (new region obviously), under the orders of the Defenders, The masterminds behind the Poke-guard. But your no pushover, and thanks to some assistance from a trainer who gives you one of his Pokemon for protection, you now have the means to fight back.

Major Plot points (spoilers if i ever get good enough at scripting to make this thing)-
1. One of the Defenders is a traitor, and is plotting to overthrow the peaceful government of Cyil by deceiving the others into making you their enemy. In reality however, while they are dealing with you, he's out hunting and training his own secret forces, the New-Power, a group of 4 trainers he selected himself and armed with extremely powerful Pokemon. At the same time, he himself is collecting legendary Pokemon in hopes of creating a dictatorship after he defeats the other defenders. He also intends to destroy the New-Power so nobody can oppose him.

2. The trainer you meet who gives you a pokemon is actually the true leader of the Defenders, and manipulated you to fight his own loyal supporters, so that you would be strong enough to fight along side him against the traitor's legendary Pokemon team. He is a great leader and believes in justice. though he manipulated you, he is honestly torn over whether what he's doing is right or wrong, and after the final battle, offers to help you get home, and as long as you're in Cyil, you'll have all the rights of a defender (opening up new dungeons where you couldn't go before). There is also an event with him where he tries to reopen the rift between worlds (which leads to a legendary pokemon)

3. It turns out the leader did all this because he was shown by Celebi that you would be the key to maintaining peace, but only if you struggled to grow stronger.

I was also thinking about maybe having a little bit of romance somewhere in there. I think a good story needs some love. Maybe, have the protagonist and one of the higher ranking female defenders have feelings for each other (and maybe tie a legendary event to it.)

What do you think? I tried to keep it similar enough gameplay wise by keeping eight boss battles, something like the elite four, and a team to face. but wanted to twist it enough the story didn't feel stale.
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Tittle: Pokemon Black Operation

Rom base: Pokemon Firered

This game is in the middle of the great Pokemon war. The war is two sides. The evil side called Team S lead by their dictator Dragonvich who is said to have an undefeatable Dragon party. The good side is called the Allies force lead by the council of Elites. This war have devasated families because members have to go fight in the war. The war had devastated Pokemon who became vistims of the Team S reign of fire. So this war have been going on 11 years now. Team S have taken over the Sinnoh and Sinnoh. They have now begin to attack Kanto. Lance the leader of Kanto have decide to form a project called EPT (Elite Pokemon Trainers). This group was train to be able to weild any Pokemon and use it for special military operation. You have been invited in that group with your friend and rival Forst. You have been in that group for 6 months and have passed the hard training. You and your squad are now assign their first Pokemon and mission to capture a Team S general and bring him to Lance for integregation.


Should I add gyms and the Pokemon league?

Is there anything I should add to the storyline?

Should I make the plot more like COD's or keep it as original as I can
well, last question first, never make your plot "more like" anything. When you have the freedom to come up with whatever you want, making it like something else you already know or is popular seems like a waste, you know?

I like the story line. But how would you start off? it seems a little odd, story wise, to pass months of training to be able to use any pokemon, and for your first mission you get a level 5 starter. Maybe, add the training as part of the game instead of something inferred. Hell, you could have the majority of the game in training. Make the gym leaders into your teachers/masters, who you have to defeat to move on to the next lesson/training phase or something. And then have the missions be extremely tough post 8 leader dungeons. Or not. It's your thing. But if you do start after training, then maybe you should give some reason or plot point as to why your pokemon is so weak and there's only 1. like it's a tradition or something that they receive one newborn partner after training, but have to raise them on their own to prove themselves.

These are just my ideas, do what you want. If you don't mind though, and don't do it yourself, I might use something like this myself though... I like the idea of a school like environment for training elite pokemon trainers.

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Pokemon Opal
You, the main character, arrive on a ship in Vermillion City with your parents and little sister. All is going well, and your about to set sail on a PokeEarth cruise, traveling to all of the regions. As the ship takes off, you feel that unexplainable feeling of uncertainty. The feeling you get when you know something bad is going to happen but you can't explain how or why. In a rush of adrenaline and uncertainty, you hurry to find your parents. Before you know it, the boat is shaking back and forth. There are muffled screams of pokemon and humans.

You find yourself in a small room, with water rushing in. You call for you parents, or anyone for that matter. No one answers. There is a small opening in the side of the boat. You manage to squeeze out into the freezing water of the North Kanto sea. Swimming for your life, you become exhausted. You decide to stop and tread water. Floating in the water is something you'd never expect to see -- a necklace. It's expensive, and made of fine Opal. It belonged to your mother. Without hesitation, you grab the necklace. It's all you have left of her.

Out of nowhere, a generous pokemon comes to the rescue. A confused (whatever starter you pick) looks at you. It senses that you need help and swims you to shore. As it swims, you can hear the boat sinking still. You think about what you could have done to save your parents. But in the end, you don't look back to watch it burn.

This is a very very very brief summary of the storyline. If anyone wants to help me with this hack, feelfree to message me!
pretty dark for a Pokemon game. And would a stone necklace float. you can have whatever Pokemon rescues you happen to be holding it or something. I can't really say much more. there's nothing of the plot once the game actually starts. Does the burning ship have something to do with an evil plot, a legendary pokemon, a seasick captain? I'd need to hear more before i can really help