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Originally Posted by Alternative View Post
As an aspiring new game developer, I chose that they all look the same, or I should have chosen that they all have the same story line. I know it breaks away from the formula which is Pokemon, which is what I'm looking into, but these Pokemon games are the same thing of "Get badges, fight bad guys etc" and it does get boring sometimes. I'd like to see some new things in fangames.
yeah, i agree, the "Beat the champion, spoil the bad peoples plot, etc." is really getting old :/ but i really dont care about the graphics. and another thing, good looking hacks never get finished, which i find disappointing. Also, (yeah i know im going on and on) most newbees dont really plan out the whole hack, for example, i found a hack where a legandary just appears with absoulutly no backstory at all! And some fangames (hacks in particular) dont have any originality, some that do are
pokemon ruby destiny rescue rangers by destinyjagold
pokemon topaz by bazza (because you get to be evil for a change)

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