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Alright, I'll try to put more effort into this update. xP

* Trained Arctic until he got to level 17, when he learned Icy Wind. I then took on the gym, defeating all the Geodudes easily and ko'ing Roxanne's Nosepass. That's one badge under my belt.
* I defeat the Magma Grunt, and get Peeko back to Mr. Briney. I then head to Dewford.
*I deliver Steven's Letter, and recieve Steel Wing. I train a bit more in order to learn Aurora Beam. I then defeat Brawly.
* Slateport City is the next destination. Team Magma is defeated there, once again. Defeating Brendan and several other trainers along the way, I go to Mauville. Wally and his Ralts are defeated as well.
*I train a whole ton with both trainers and wild Pokemon to evolve Arctic into a Dewgong. I take on Wattson, and he is defeated.

* I quickly progress to Fallabor Town, and then Meteor Falls, where I see both Team Magma and Aqua. They all run off to Mt. Chimney, so I go there as well. I take the way back that I came, and head up using the Cable Car. Team Magma ends up in defeat, so I take the Meteorite and head to Lavaridge Town, where I save inside the gym.

Arctic (Dewgong) Lv. 38
Icy Wind, Rest, Headbutt, Aurora Beam

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