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Well seems obvious Ash seems to have an affanity for abandoned fire Pokemon, although this one really touched me, I mean the poor thing was having trouble eating this was a real serious issue. During the flashback I couldnt help but wonder, was it Paul that left the Tepig?

The kid reference is getting really old, seems like this iris chick is nothing compared to misty, i guess their trying to make the constant gender battle (like ash and misty in the old season) times like this i just need to yell BRING OUT THE 3rd guy to lighten the mood or make it more entertaining.

yet again nothing much achieved in this episode except ash catching Tepig

all and all i give it 3/5

p/s Theme song, hmmm not so interesting and the 3d animation is a buzz killer.

well thats my personal opinon. everyone is entitle to their own.
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