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Quote originally posted by G-Money:
Congrats on your Shiny Treecko! I prefer the greener colour scheme the normal version offers, but a well-hunted Shiny is worthy of respect. I hope you'll avenge the lost Poochyena, soon!

Quote originally posted by G-Money:
Anyone have a good reason to hate shiny Blaziken, Sceptile, or Swampert?
Simple: I find Grovyle to be way cooler than Sceptile, Shiny or not; that's me, though. Everything else seems like a matter of taste - Shiny Torchic and Combusken are yellow while Blaziken is a dark crimson.
Swampert, Swampert... *Shrugs* Can't think of anything, honestly.

News from me:
- No Shiny over here, but I went to the Colombo mall in Lisbon with my bro today and we both got Celebi Wonder Cards in each of our two games! I'll be SRing on one of them and resetting for a good IV'd Celebi on the other game.

Anyway... keep on hunting, people! Good luck and may you have many sparkles!

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