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Honestly, it works either way, I even wanted to have brittany but impo randomly "called it." We don't even have many active new members, so I don't see what the problem it. It would just make another member feel bad if they can't have the character they want either. So no, first come first served - it's only fair. Also, we may just take away the limit so anyone can have any character they like, but obviously different colours and icons would make each one more unique.

But, seeing as I know most of you will still carry on whining, I set out the form now - including the so "called" Characters, so keep your pants on; (Twistedpuppy did not mention which character he wanted to I left the spaces blank for now)

Keep in mind i'm still working on the beta product, right now i'm fixing some animation problems in Photoshop for the icons so it could take a while... Anyway;

"Calling All Gleek's!!" Collaboration
Artie Abrams
Rachel Berry
Tina Cohen-Chang
Quinn Fabray
Finn Hudson
Kurt Hummel
Mercedes Jones
Santana Lopez: dragonomega
Brittany Pierce: Impo
Emma Pillsbury-Howell
Noah Puckerman
Will Schuester
Sue Sylvester
Mike Chang
Sam Evans
Lauren Zizes: Alternative
Holly Holliday
Blaine Anderson
Jesse St. James
Sunshine Corazon
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